Routine Appointment

This is usually face to face time between a patient and a clinician, to discuss and/or investigate ongoing or non-urgent issues. Occasionally a routine appointment may be conducted as a telephone consultation.

Urgent Appointment

This is for face to face or telephone consultation to discuss and/or investigate urgent issues. An urgent issue is where the patient’s condition has arisen, changed or worsened suddenly.

If you are assessed as an urgent case, we will always arrange for you to see or speak to a clinician on the same day. You can phone at 08:30 on the day if you need an urgent appointment.

How to book an appointment

Appointments are a standard 10 minutes, but you can book a double appointment if necessary.

  • use our online services
  • visit Strouden Park or one of our other surgeries in person
  • phone 01202 532253


    If you are unable to keep your appointment please let us know as soon as possible so that we can make the appointment available to someone else. You can cancel an appointment by

    • replying “cancel” to your appointment text message
    • phoning or visiting the surgery