Covid 19 Booster Vaccination Programme

Following the Prime Minister’s address to the nation on Sunday 12th December 2021, GP surgeries are now being asked to focus attention on increasing appointments available for patients to receive their covid booster vaccination, from now until the end of December. During this period we are being asked to postpone routine or non-urgent services/requests and focus only on urgent requests from patients, so we can use more staff to vaccinate.

We are delighted to say that we have now increased our capacity starting from today. The covid booster clinics will be mostly delivered from the Marine Surgery (29 Belle Vue Rd, Southbourne, Bournemouth BH6 3DB) and at Crescent Providence Surgery (Crescent Providence Surgery, 12-14 Walpole Rd, Bournemouth BH1 4HA). We will be running some smaller clinics at The Grove Surgery and The Woodlea House Surgery too. Across these 4 locations we have increased our clinics from 1-2 a week to at least 1 clinic per day as a minimum. We have organised some weekend clinics as well and are looking to increase this capacity further. In total, we have added 50 clinics from now until 31st December, giving an additional of around 2500 appointments, this is on top of what we already had planned. We are working hard to increase this even more, however, some patients will need to go through the National Booking Service by clicking here.

As you can imagine it is a very challenging time to be organising additional clinics with the Christmas holiday period fast approaching. We will do all we can to provide as many appointments as possible for our patients, however, our message is still the same as before:

We will contact you when you are eligible, and when we have capacity for you to book an appointment. If you have received a letter from the NHS to book your booster you can follow the steps on the letter to book through the National Booking Service without needing to contact the GP surgery. We advise you do this if you have not heard from us and have received the letter.

In summary

  1. We have increased appointments for our patients to receive their booster vaccination from now until the end of December 2021.
  2. Please wait until we have contacted you. This will be via an SMS message or phone call from the surgery. You will either be asked to book online via our SMS service or messaged to call the surgery after 10am.
  3. If you receive a letter from the NHS asking you to book and we have not contacted you then please follow the steps on your letter to book your booster vaccine.
  4. If you are eligible and haven’t received a letter or heard from us. Please go to the NHS website by clicking here to view more information about the booster and how to book your booster. Please note if there is no NBS availability then continue to refresh and re-check the page.
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